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UC made in China – replacement parts – 16B-4 Roller Chain (Quad Strand) in Chicago United States Bearing Auto Parts Chain Factory Tapered Roller Bearing, Deep Groove Ball Bearing with ce certificate top quality low price

UC  made in China - replacement parts - 16B-4 Roller Chain (Quad Strand) in Chicago United States  Bearing Vehicle Parts Chain Factory Tapered Roller Bearing, Deep Groove Ball Bearing with ce certificate top top quality minimal price tag

We – EPG Group the biggest Chain and agricultural gearbox manufacturing facility in China with 5 distinct branches. For much more details: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

The higher specific CNC products, this kind of as Sluggish-feeding wire-cut equipment, jig grinding device and electric discharge equipment, ensures the top high quality precision of mould processing, with the large productive and environmental safety acid rolling line getting the greatest raw content converting gear in the area in china The wildly use of automated milling device, high-pace automated feeding punch, substantial speed computerized rolling and assembling machine guarantees the substantial quality and effectiveness of components and chain making. One particular our items are marketing properly in the American, European, South American and Asian marketplaces. a specialised provider of a total variety of chains, sprockets, gears, equipment racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes….factor of our application consulting is that we have been gathering and combining the expertise in chain and sprocket apps in different locations for decades. This is especially fascinating for us anytime consumers method us with some exceeding and difficult needs. EPG power transmission merchandise are created to produce each trustworthy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Each and every product is utility-examined and engineered to meet up with stringent expectations for uniformity in dimension, warmth remedy, tensile energy and other essential characteristics. As a value-successful different created specifically for standard-responsibility use, EPG’s expanding line of products are accessible in all regularly purchased sizes and requirements, including ball bearings, mounted models, roller chain, seals, gauges, sheaves and far more.


ZheJiang Hailan Manufacture Co.,Ltd (at first launched in 1988) is one  of the Chinese top bearing manufactures and exporters with the huge EPT outputs and the greate EPT kinds.It is the company of properly-acknowledged trademark and large quantity items of ZheJiang , positioned in the bearing Hometown of Xihu (West Lake) Dis. nation, ZheJiang Province, North of China,.We commit ourselves to analysis & development, generation, advertising and software of pillow block bearing and EPT kinds of bearings.

Our company has accepted by ISO9001:2015 and GB/T 19001-2008 quality administration system certification.

Product inlude:

one Pillow Block (Bearing Housing)
2 Deep Groove Ball Bearings
3 Tapered Roller Bearings
4 Through EPT Ball Bearings
5 EPT bearing
6 Self-aligning Ball Bearings
7 Angular Get in touch with Ball Bearings
8 Insert Bearings (Spherical Outer Surface Ball Bearings)

2.Generation Procedure

Slicing the metal pipe — Lathe approach — Heat Treatment — Sharpening Process — Grinding Procedure — Assemble — Merchandise Packing


Bearing content Chrome steel(GCR15)
Housing material Ca EPT iron(HT200)
Housing colour Eco-friendly, blue,gray or in accordance to consumer necessity
Brand FKD ,HHB,FE or OEM
Framework Pillow Block Bearing
Design StHangZhourd Design and style & NTN Design and style
Sea EPT Kind Double Sea EPT & Triple Lips Sea EPT & F Seals&4 star seal
Location of Origin ZheJiang , China
steel ball G10
Coordination for Bearing & Housing H7 & J7& K7
Certificate ISO9001:2015
Packing plastic bag+one box+carton+pallet
In accordance to Customer’s Needs
Noise Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4
Sample Totally free Sample
good quality ABEC-1(P0)   ,   Z2v2,Z1V1

Product management:


Goods AND Bodyweight LI EPT OF FKD PILLOW BLOCK      
Item KGS Item KGS Merchandise KGS Merchandise KGS Merchandise KGS Item KGS Product KGS
UC201 .2 UCP201 .61 UCF201 .59 UCFL201 .44 UCT201 .seventy five UCFC201 .71 UCPA201 .56
UC201-8 .19 UCP201-eight .6 UCF201-8 .58 UCFL201-8 .forty three UCT201-8 .74 UCFC201-8 .7 UCPA201-8 .55
UC202 .eighteen UCP202 .fifty nine UCF202 .fifty seven UCFL202 .42 UCT202 .seventy three UCFC202 .69 UCPA202 .54
UC202-ten .18 UCP202-10 .fifty nine UCF202-10 .57 UCFL202-10 .42 UCT202-ten .seventy three UCFC202-10 .sixty nine UCPA202-ten .54
UC203 .17 UCP203 .fifty eight UCF203 .56 UCFL203 .41 UCT203 .seventy two UCFC203 .68 UCPA203 .53
UC204 .15 UCP204 .61 UCF204 .fifty four UCFL204 .39 UCT204 .seven UCFC204 .sixty six UCPA204 .51
UC204-12 .16 UCP204-twelve .sixty two UCF204-12 .55 UCFL204-twelve .4 UCT204-12 .seventy one UCFC204-12 .sixty seven UCPA204-12 .52
UC205 .19 UCP205 .69 UCF205 .sixty six UCFL205 .fifty seven UCT205 .seventy three UCFC205 .ninety two UCPA205 .sixty eight
UC205-14 .22 UCP205-fourteen .seventy two UCF205-14 .sixty nine UCFL205-fourteen .6 UCT205-14 .76 UCFC205-fourteen .ninety five UCPA205-14 .71
UC205-fifteen .2 UCP205-fifteen .seven UCF205-fifteen .67 UCFL205-fifteen .58 UCT205-fifteen .74 UCFC205-15 .ninety three UCPA205-15 .69
UC205-sixteen .19 UCP205-16 .69 UCF205-16 .sixty six UCFL205-16 .57 UCT205-sixteen .seventy three UCFC205-sixteen .92 UCPA205-16 .68
UC206 .three UCP206 one.thirteen UCF206 .ninety three UCFL206 .seventy six UCT206 1.seventeen UCFC206 1.21 UCPA206 .99
UC206-eighteen .32 UCP206-eighteen one.fifteen UCF206-eighteen .ninety five UCFL206-eighteen .78 UCT206-18 1.19 UCFC206-eighteen one.23 UCPA206-eighteen one.01
UC206-19 .3 UCP206-19 1.13 UCF206-19 .ninety three UCFL206-19 .seventy six UCT206-19 1.seventeen UCFC206-19 1.21 UCPA206-19 .ninety nine
UC206-20 .28 UCP206-twenty 1.eleven UCF206-20 .ninety one UCFL206-twenty .74 UCT206-twenty one.fifteen UCFC206-twenty 1.19 UCPA206-twenty .ninety seven
UC207 .forty five UCP207 1.34 UCF207 1.2 UCFL207 1.05 UCT207 one.forty five UCFC207 1.5 UCPA207 one.42
UC207-20 .5 UCP207-20 1.39 UCF207-20 1.25 UCFL207-twenty UCT207-20 one.5 UCFC207-twenty 1.55 UCPA207-20 one.47
UC207-21 .forty eight UCP207-21 1.37 UCF207-21 one.23 UCFL207-21 one.08 UCT207-21 one.forty eight UCFC207-21 1.53 UCPA207-21 one.45
UC207-22 .45 UCP207-22 one.34 UCF207-22 one.two UCFL207-22 one.05 UCT207-22 one.45 UCFC207-22 1.5 UCPA207-22 one.forty two
UC207-23 .43 UCP207-23 1.32 UCF207-23 1.eighteen UCFL207-23 1.03 UCT207-23 1.43 UCFC207-23 one.forty eight UCPA207-23 one.4
UC208 .fifty nine UCP208 one.eight UCF208 one.57 UCFL208 1.34 UCT208 two.11 UCFC208 1.87 UCPA208 one.sixty four
UC208-24 .64 UCP208-24 one.eighty five UCF208-24 1.sixty two UCFL208-24 one.39 UCT208-24 2.16 UCFC208-24 1.92 UCPA208-24 1.sixty nine
UC209 .sixty five UCP209 one.84 UCF209 one.seventy six UCFL209 UCT209 2.18 UCFC209 2.34 UCPA209 one.8
UC209-26 .seventy four UCP209-26 1.93 UCF209-26 one.85 UCFL209-26 1.seventy nine UCT209-26 2.27 UCFC209-26 two.forty three UCPA209-26 one.89
UC209-27 .seventy one UCP209-27 1.9 UCF209-27 1.82 UCFL209-27 1.seventy six UCT209-27 2.24 UCFC209-27 two.4 UCPA209-27 1.86
UC209-28 .sixty eight UCP209-28 1.87 UCF209-28 one.seventy nine UCFL209-28 one.73 UCT209-28 two.21 UCFC209-28 2.37 UCPA209-28 1.eighty three
UC210 .74 UCP210 2.49 UCF210 2.05 UCFL210 one.ninety two UCT210 two.35 UCFC210 2.seventy two UCPA210 2.23
Item KGS Item KGS Item KGS Merchandise KGS Item KGS Product KGS Merchandise KGS
UC210-thirty .eighty five UCP210-thirty two.six UCF210-thirty two.16 UCFL210-30 2.03 UCT210-thirty 2.46 UCFC210-thirty two.83 UCPA210-thirty 2.34
UC210-31 .76 UCP210-31 2.51 UCF210-31 two.07 UCFL210-31 1.94 UCT210-31 2.37 UCFC210-31 2.74 UCPA210-31 two.twenty five
UC210-32 .seventy one UCP210-32 2.forty six UCF210-32 2.02 UCFL210-32 1.89 UCT210-32 2.32 UCFC210-32 2.sixty nine UCPA210-32 2.2
UC211 .96 UCP211 2.91 UCF211 2.ninety six UCFL211 2.seventy three UCT211 three.56 UCFC211 3.sixty six UCPA211 two.seventy nine
UC211-32 UCP211-32 three.05 UCF211-32 three.1 UCFL211-32 2.87 UCT211-32 UCFC211-32 3.8 UCPA211-32 2.ninety three
UC211-34 one.01 UCP211-34 2.ninety six UCF211-34 3.01 UCFL211-34 2.seventy eight UCT211-34 3.sixty one UCFC211-34 3.seventy one UCPA211-34 2.eighty four
UC211-35 .93 UCP211-35 2.88 UCF211-35 two.ninety three UCFL211-35 UCT211-35 3.53 UCFC211-35 3.sixty three UCPA211-35 2.76
UC212 1.38 UCP212 3.98 UCF212 3.54 UCFL212 three.56 UCT212 4.23 UCFC212 4.fifty eight UCPA212 three.sixty six
UC212-36 1.fifty one UCP212-36 4.eleven UCF212-36 3.67 UCFL212-36 three.sixty nine UCT212-36 4.36 UCFC212-36 4.seventy one UCPA212-36 three.79
UC212-38 one.37 UCP212-38 3.97 UCF212-38 3.fifty three UCFL212-38 3.fifty five UCT212-38 4.22 UCFC212-38 4.fifty seven UCPA212-38 3.65
UC212-39 1.27 UCP212-39 3.87 UCF212-39 3.forty three UCFL212-39 3.45 UCT212-39 four.twelve UCFC212-39 four.forty seven UCPA212-39 three.fifty five
UC213 one.67 UCP213 five.seventeen UCF213 4.ninety two UCFL213 four.37 UCT213 six.04 UCFC213 5.07    
UC213-forty one.seventy five UCP213-forty five.25 UCF213-forty 5 UCFL213-40 four.45 UCT213-forty six.12 UCFC213-forty 5.fifteen    
UC214 one.95 UCP214 5.fifty seven UCF214 5.09 UCFL214 four.ninety five UCT214 6.35 UCFC214 six.15    
UC214-44 one.95 UCP214-forty four five.57 UCF214-44 5.09 UCFL214-forty four four.95 UCT214-forty four 6.35 UCFC214-forty four six.15    
UC215 two.14 UCP215 6.14 UCF215 five.79 UCFL215 5.eighteen UCT215 6.6 UCFC215 six.seventy nine    
UC215-forty seven 2.17 UCP215-forty seven six.seventeen UCF215-47 5.eighty two UCFL215-47 5.21 UCT215-47 6.63 UCFC215-47 6.82    
UC215-forty eight 2.06 UCP215-forty eight six.06 UCF215-forty eight 5.71 UCFL215-48 five.1 UCT215-48 6.52 UCFC215-48 six.71    
UC216 2.sixty one UCP216 seven.eleven UCF216 six.91 UCFL216 six.36 UCT216 seven.24 UCFC216 8.01    
UC217 3.38 UCP217 nine.eighteen UCF217 8.63 UCFL217 seven.68 UCT217 10.33 UCFC217 nine.eighteen    
UC218 four UCP218 ten.63 UCF218 9.5 UCFL218 nine.54 UCT218 eleven.eight UCFC218 eleven.three    
UC218-56 four.1 UCP218-fifty six 10.seventy three UCF218-fifty six 9.six UCFL218-fifty six nine.64 UCT218-56 eleven.nine UCFC218-fifty six eleven.four    
    UCP220 fourteen.5 UCF220 13                
Merchandise KGS Merchandise KGS Item KGS Merchandise KGS Merchandise KGS Product KGS Item KGS
UC305 .34 UCP305 one.28 SA201 .thirteen SB201 .one UK205 .sixteen NA204 .two UKP205 .66
UC306 .fifty two UCP306 1.seventy two SA202 .twelve SB202 .09 UK206 .twenty five NA205 .25 UKP206 one.08
UC307 .sixty eight UCP307 two.33 SA203 .one SB203 .08 UK207 .36 NA206 .38 UKP207 1.25
UC308 .95 UCP308 3.01 SA204 .sixteen SB204 .12 UK208 .44 NA207 .54 UKP208 one.sixty five
UC309 one.22 UCP309 three.seventy seven SA205 .19 SB205 .sixteen UK209 .fifty one NA208 .73 UKP209 1.7
UC310 one.57 UCP310 5.47 SA206 .3 SB206 .twenty five UK210 .56 NA209 .seventy nine UKP210 two.31
UC311 one.98 UCP311 six.83 SA207 .45 SB207 .36 UK211 .74 NA210 .95 UKP211 2.69
UC312 two.forty five UCP312 8.fifteen SA208 .six SB208 .forty five UK212 1     UKP212 3.6
UC313 three.14 UCP313 9.41 SA209 .64 SB209 .fifty six UK213 one.27     UKP213 four.77
UC314 3.62 UCP314 11.08 SA210 .71 SB210 .62 UK215 one.fifty two     UKP215 5.52
UC315 4.5 UCP315 thirteen.8         UK216 1.eighty four     UKP216 6.34
UC316 five.2 UCP316 16.2         UK217 2.34     UKP217 8.14
UC317 six.63             UK218 2.85     UKP218 9.forty eight
UC318 7.33                        
UC319 8.37                        
UC320 10.32                        


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The use of first equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part figures or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating merchandise use and compatibility. Our organization and the shown substitution components contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.

UC  made in China - replacement parts - 16B-4 Roller Chain (Quad Strand) in Chicago United States  Bearing Vehicle Parts Chain Manufacturing unit Tapered Roller Bearing, Deep Groove Ball Bearing with ce certification prime quality low price tag

UC  made in China - replacement parts - 16B-4 Roller Chain (Quad Strand) in Chicago United States  Bearing Car Elements Chain Manufacturing unit Tapered Roller Bearing, Deep Groove Ball Bearing with ce certificate best quality low price tag

UC  made in China - replacement parts - 16B-4 Roller Chain (Quad Strand) in Chicago United States  Bearing Car Parts Chain Manufacturing facility Tapered Roller Bearing, Deep Groove Ball Bearing with ce certificate best high quality minimal price

UC  made in China - replacement parts - 16B-4 Roller Chain (Quad Strand) in Chicago United States  Bearing Vehicle Elements Chain Manufacturing unit Tapered Roller Bearing, Deep Groove Ball Bearing with ce certification best top quality lower value

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